Hundreds rally for Trayvon Martin at Clark Atlanta University

by: Richard Elliot Updated:

ATLANTA - Hundreds of students gathered on the campus of Clark Atlanta University on Wednesday to rally in support of the Florida teenager shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain.  The shooting has spawned similar rallies and protests all across the nation.
Police have not filed charges against George Zimmerman, the man who admitted to killing Trayvon Martin inside a Sanford, Fla., subdivision. Zimmerman said it was self-defense, but Martin's family said the teen simply was walking home wearing a hoodie.
The unarmed was carrying a bag of Skittles candy and a bottle of iced tea.
"I have a little brother, so I wouldn't want anyone to kill my little brother because of his appearance or what he has on," said Clark Atlanta student Lashari Davis.
Ayo Tinubu attended the rally on the Clark Atlanta lawn and gave away T-shirts depicting Martin.
"This is a representation of the life that was lost unjustly," said Tinubu.  "All we want is our justice."
Clark Atlanta police estimated the crowd to be about 1,500 people.
"It's really a time people need to come together and support," said Clark Atlanta student Zachary Graham. "We don't need more tragedies like this, but we need more times like this where the community gets together as a whole for one cause."