Hundreds rally for gun rights at state Capitol



ATLANTA - Gun rights advocates are gathering at state capitols across the country to show their support to keep and bear arms.
News Chopper 2 flew over hundreds gathered at Atlanta’s Capitol around noon Friday. Protesters told Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary they want to send a message to lawmakers in Washington, DC. The group signed a petition to stop a proposed ban on so-called assault weapons and limited high-capacity magazines.

“This magical number of 10 rounds is just a made-up number. I can reload three 10-round mags in a fraction of a second, so it’s kind of a moot point with me,” a protester told Geary.

Organizers encouraged protesters to bring their unloaded weapons and to wear magazines, but everyone wasn’t in support of that.

“I’m a little disappointed today to see people walking around with AR-15s and you know, carrying around magazines and their handguns. I kind of expect more respect, and I don’t think it’s appropriate timing for that, but I am here to support and put a different image out there,” another protester said.

Some said it’s possible to find a middle ground, and called for background checks per gun sale and more training.