• 'Housewives' stylist rival arrested in shooting


    ATLANTA - After nearly two weeks without an arrest, a hairstylist accused of opening fire in a rival salon has been arrested.

    The shooting happened at celebrity hair stylist Derek J’s hair salon, the J. Spot Salon on Pharr Road in Buckhead. J makes regular appearances on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and was featured in the documentary "Good Hair."

    He said rival stylist Corwin Pledger became upset when his client showed up at the J. Spot to fix a bad hairdo. Atlanta police sources told Young the client involved is Neffe, the sister of R&B superstar Keyshia Cole.

    “We knew it wasn't a good thing when he came, but we thought it was going to be a quick exchange with words and then he was going to be gone. So, nobody really knew he would pull out a gun," J told Channel 2’s Ryan Young.

    No one was hurt in the shooting, but a bullet pierced the floor. In an interview on radio station V-103, Pledger said he was aiming for the stylist’s foot.

    On Tuesday, Young learned that Pledger had been charged in the shooting. Sources said he avoided police by dressing in drag.

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