• Hotel worker gives up room for family during snowstorm


    ATLANTA - Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri met 17-month-old William Huff and his mom, Nicole Huff, in their Walton County home, safe and warm. It was a stark contrast to the situation the family faced Tuesday night. 
    Nicole and her husband David took William to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Tuesday morning for outpatient ear and throat surgery. They left around 12:30 p.m. but five hours later, they had only traveled 2 miles. 
    “At that point we had no idea that all the hotels were sold out. That there weren't any rooms left in town,” Nicole said.
    Members of the Huff's church took to Facebook asking for prayers and help for the family. The Huffs left their car and carried William, just hours out of surgery, through ice and snow. They reached the Embassy Suites Atlanta Perimeter Center where people were already sleeping in the lobby and hallways.
    “They sat right there. She was extremely frustrated, you could see it on her,” said front desk supervisor Jermel Fisher.
    Fisher was stuck like everyone else and had a room reserved at the hotel.
    “The manager came over and spoke to my husband and said, ‘Are you the one with the baby?’” David said.
    Fisher told the family they could have his room.
    “There are not words to describe how much it meant. You know, that it was an answer to prayers, it really was,” Nicole said.
    In Fisher's words, it was just human decency.
    “We need to get away from just doing it in times of need and doing it all the time,” Fisher said.
    The family said that's not the only help they received. Upon checkout, they learned someone, likely from their church, had already called the hotel and covered the cost of the room. Nicole said she still does not know who to thank for that kindness.

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