• HOT lane prices break another record


    Drivers may be reconsidering their need to get to work quickly after HOT lane prices reached an all-time high during Thursday morning’s commute.

    The cost to use the HOT lane on Interstate 85 for the full 16-mile stretch reached a record $6.35 for Gwinnett County commuters.

    “I need it more than air at this point. I have to get to work on time,” one commuter said.

    Others said Thursday’s price was just too high.

    “I guess I would have to weigh that against how much hassle it was to sit in traffic. That seems pretty expensive,” commuter Bonnie Herron said.

    The Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority said the price depends on demand for the lane. It also includes the time of day and how fast traffic is moving. When the drive time is not at its peak, the tolls can go down to a few cents.

    The last time the record was broken was in November, when it reached $6.25.

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