Homeowner says burglar made sign of cross before break-in

by: Tony Thomas Updated:


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A homeowner is pleading for help after a burglary to her Clayton County home.

But Catherine Kelley is upset not just because of the break in, but what the man did just before he kicked in her door.

Kelley said surveillance video shows him making the sign of the cross on his chest just before he committed the crime.

Kelley was at church at the time of the break-in and said maybe this man should have been as well.

"That's not a good feeling to see him do that," she said.

Kelley showed Channel 2’s Tony Thomas the video that she still can't believe.

It clearly shows the man making the sign of the cross on his chest, then walking up to her back door.

Several times he walks back and forth; throwing bricks at her back window until it gives way.

"Maybe that day he should have been at someone's church to do the sign of the cross," Kelley said.

Kelley said the man took some of her jewelry and two boxes of checks.

She said police found some of the unused checks on the ground of a nearby apartment complex and returned them to her. Police have yet to identify the man as far as she knows.

The surveillance video shows the man running away while trying to hold several things in his hands while the house alarm is sounding.

Now, weeks later, her back door is still boarded up. It now also has a piece of paper taped to it with pictures of the man from the surveillance video and a simple message.

“He had the nerve to make the sign of the cross. God is watching you boy!” The sign reads.

"I pray that he changes his life and he does better," Kelley said.

Kelley told Thomas two men were caught by a bank trying to cash two of her forged checks for $4,000, but it's unclear if they have been linked to the break-in.