• Homeowner discovers "shake and bake" meth in yard

    By: Carl Willis


    PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - A Peachtree City homeowner thought he was removing trash from his yard, but he discovered potentially explosive materials used to make methamphetamine.
    Police told Channel 2's Carl Willis the chemicals were still volatile and could have exploded.
    The homeowner, who did not want his name published, said he found lighter fluid, pseudoephedrine boxes, and some sort of mixture swirling inside of taped-up soda bottles.
    "I called (police) and said 'I think someone threw a meth lab in our front yard,'" he said.
    It was two one-pot methamphetamine cooks also known as "shake and bake" meth according to police.
    Soon, the quiet street on Hip Pocket Road needed a hazmat crew to make it safe again.
    "It turned from one cop, to three cops, to detectives to the GBI and they had to get some federal task force up here from Valdosta," said the homeowner.
    Police said materials used to make a small batch of meth were still a threat to explode from an unstable chemical reaction when the homeowner picked them up.
    "If it had sat here for much longer and pressurized like that it could be powerful enough to blow your hands off," he said. "That's their words, not mine."
    The cheap and easy way to make meth has been spreading for years.
    If meth makers don't vent the gases in the containers, often two-liter soda bottles, the contents could blow up in a fiery ball.
    Investigators took finger prints and evidence from the scene, and police said they made two arrests.
    Douglas Shamrock, 29, and Shaina Windom, 25, from nearby Tyrone were booked into jail Tuesday.
    "It makes me angry," said the homeowner. "That somebody would throw basically a bomb in the front yard."

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