• Hiram Japanese steakhouse scores 66 on health inspection


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - A Japanese steakhouse in Paulding County is recovering after failing its health inspection earlier this week.
    Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge got word Thursday that Hai Hai Steakhouse was re-inspected today and they got a 92. One thing the restaurant added is a daily checklist for all their employees to follow.
    The steakhouse had two previous inspections scores of “B” but on March 24, the restaurant dropped to a 66, which is unsatisfactory.
    Among the 14 violations were observed sushi chef improperly washing hands, observed potentially hazardous foods cold-held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit, observed food store on the floor and observed black encrusted build-up on sides of pans.
    Sbarge went to the Hiram restaurant on Jimy Lee Smith Parkway to talk to the manager or owner about the inspection score. They chose not to talk on camera but said they have addressed the violations.
    The owner's wife gave Sbarge a copy of the inspection checklist they made up for all of their employees to follow every day. At the top of the list is properly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.
    Customer Demetrius Stevens said if future scores stay above 90 he'll eat at Hai Hai Steakhouse again.
    “If it is high then good. Soon as I walk through the door, first thing I'm going to look at the score. It's just habit no matter where I go,” Stevens said.
    The owner's wife took Sbarge into the kitchen to show the workers going through the health checklist they are currently following.

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