• Man wanted in string of attacks drove right into police manhunt for him, investigators say

    By: Tony Thomas


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators say a man who attacked and robbed six women drove right into a massive police hunt for him and is now behind bars. 

    Police said they were prepared to move a SWAT team in to arrest Boris Bell, but he came to them instead.

    Police said they were prepared to move a SWAT team in to arrest Boris Bell, but he came to them instead.
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    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas was in a Gwinnett County courtroom as detectives testified about Bell’s arrest. 

    “What did he tell you?” the judge asked Gwinnett County police Detective Jeffrey Teitelbaum,

    “He wouldn't full-on admit to doing the actual robberies,” Teitelbaum said.

    But Gwinnett County police said they have plenty of proof linking Bell to the string of six robberies against women. 


    The victims said they were followed home from grocery stores or a restaurant and then attacked.

    “Any of the victims indicate they saw a vehicle?” Bell’s attorney MaryAnn Blend asked Teitelbaum.

    “One did,” Teitelbaum said. 

    For a week after the first two robberies in early December, police had no idea who they should be looking for. 

    Victims could only give them a vague description of their attacker. 

    “He strangled me, held me down on the ground. He stole my purse and my work bag,” one victim =, asking not to be identified, told Thomas, 

    Then after four more similar robberies, police flooded an area just outside Lawrenceville with officers. 

    Bell was actually pulled over. Police didn’t realize they had their suspect until later, when they combined surveillance video from several stores and the description of his car. The stop led to his ID and a search of his house. 

    “We found vases, a workbag, leather workbag with her Microsoft Pro inside of it,” Teitelbaum said.

    The victim told Thomas it was her Microsoft Pro. Detectives said the password had already been changed to Bell's initials and birthdate. 

    Police said two other victims’ purses were in Bell's bedroom. Police say that since his arrest, there've been no other reports of any similar crimes. 

    “I just thought this guy is going to kill me,” the victim said.  

    Police expect more charges of credit card fraud to be filed as the case goes before a grand jury. 

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