GSU cancels controversial Rick Ross concert


ATLANTA,None - Georgia State University canceled a concert featuring Rick Ross on Tuesday because of health concerns involving the rapper.

Ross was scheduled to appear at the homecoming celebration on Friday at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta but fell ill last week. Ross suffered two seizures while traveling between concert venues last week.

“We are disappointed he had to cancel, but completely understand that Rick Ross needs to take care of his himself at this time. We hope he is better soon,” concerts director George F. Baker III said in a statement.
School officials said there was no time to find a replacement performer and they will offer a full refund.

“It takes 8 -12 weeks of work to negotiate availability, fees and contracts to just schedule a concert. We could never find a new artist in three days and be able to sell tickets and promote it effectively,” said Baker.

The concert drew protests from some students who questioned what message the school delivered by choosing the rapper to perform at homecoming.

"We don't understand why the lyrics are this way. Why is this an artist that we support? Why we spending thousands of dollars on this message," Ayesha Kirk said.

The concert would have been partially paid for with student activity fees. Ticket holders can get a full refund at their point of purchase.