• Google Fiber may expand to Atlanta with superfast Internet speeds


    ATLANTA - A major company is looking to expand its high-speed Internet into the metro area.
    Atlanta and eight other metro cities are on the short list for Google Fiber. 
    Channel 2’s consumer adviser Clark Howard said it would not only increase your service, but it could also lower your bills.
    “It is the most fantastic thing. We're in this vice grip with a monopoly cable company and a monopoly phone company and that's all you have,” Howard said.
    Google is looking at upsetting that monopoly, but it would mean a massive infrastructure investment of hundreds of miles of cable.
    Google Fiber is already up and running in Kansas City and close to active in Austin, Texas.
    "Google Fiber runs at roughly 100 times the speed of your Internet connection. A movie will download in second and a half with Google Fiber,” Howard said.
    Google just announced Atlanta, and eight other metro cities are finalists to get Google Fiber.  In the coming months, company executives will meet with city leaders to learn how much it would cost to install the cables and whether it's worth it for Google.
    Smyrna is one of the cities on the short list and the mayor told Channel 2’s John Bachman this is such a big deal for Smyrna, he's asked a staff member to focus on this project to make sure Google gets what it needs to make it happen.
    "It may even be bigger than when we redeveloped the downtown, and that was big,” said Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon.
    "High-speed Internet is important to us. We're using VOIP technology for our two offices to stay connected and the faster we can get it the better,” said Jim Fletcher of Merritt and Fletcher Law Firm.
    Faster service and Clark Howard said it has the potential to lower prices in the market as well.
    "It's great for us if whenever you get the third competitor in a market, that's when you get real competition going,” Howard said.

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