• Good Samaritans describe pulling driver from fiery crash on I-20


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - A rescuer who pulled a driver from a fiery crash is giving new insight into the accident that shut down Interstate 20 for hours.
    Nine people pulled the tractor-trailer driver from the cab of his truck, they said they could see him on fire and trapped inside and didn't hesitate to rush in and help.
    By the looks of the charred cab, it seems miraculous anyone could survive the fire that engulfed the truck. Nine people that saw the driver inside rushed to save him. The accident happened Thursday near the Thornton Road exit in Douglas County.
    Witnesses said there was traffic backed up at the weigh station and that's likely what caused four tractor-trailers to crash.
    "Undoubtedly, they jammed up didn't see it drive up on the truck,” said witness Robert McCrary.
    McCrary was one of nine people who witnessed a fiery crash on I-20 and jumped in to rescue the driver of this truck.
    "Everybody got a hold of him and we dragged him out,” McCrary said. "The man's door was opened and he was trying to get out of the truck."
    McCrary said the driver was on fire and struggled to get out of his cab. The good Samaritan said there was no hesitation, they knew what they had to do.
    “You can see what's left of his clothing right over there,” McCrary said.
    The man was badly burned after colliding with three other big rigs. McCrary thinks trucks backed up at the Thornton Road weigh station caused the collision. He said the impact was severe.
    “If you look across the road you can see the transmission,” McCrary said.
    Douglas County fire and EMS arrived to the scene soon after. Rescue crews got a flat tire from debris, but still managed to make the 13 mile trip to Grady Hospital's burn center while working on the driver.
    “He was talking, he was breathing, he had burns to his back pretty bad,” McCrary said.

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