Wild dogs slaughter goats near school

by: Carl Willis Updated:


JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. - Police are searching for a pack of wild dogs that killed animals on school property.

The Jefferson police chief said he wants to round up the dogs before they attack a child.

"My concern is if they're attacking goats, one might attack a kid," said Chief Joe Wirthman. "Right now, when they see humans, adults, they run. They bark, and then they run." But he said a small child might be different.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon at a fenced-in retention pond behind Jefferson Academy.

The goats were kept on school property, where they grazed to keep vegetation from becoming overgrown.

Students including Riley Carr and Katie Martin were kept inside and urged not to walk to school as police searched nearby woods.

The girls told Channel 2's Carl Willis they were among the first to see the mauled goats.

"When you looked they were just all laying down," Carr said.

"The teacher said they may just be sleeping, but they weren't moving," Martin added.

Wirthman said his entire force, including administration staff, was searching in between service calls.

They worked a six-block radius with animal control, and took four-wheelers into the woods.

"We spotted them again about 7:30 (Friday) morning," he said. "By the time animal control could get the traps set they took off."

Parent Bob Dugan said he also saw the pack of two yellow dogs and two black dogs Friday morning.

He was one of the many who decided to drive his children to school instead of letting them walk after receiving a text and email from the school.

"We're going to follow their procedures and not risk our child to these dogs," Dugan said.

Wirthman said his officers and animal control will be working around the clock and will get the dogs off the streets any way he can.

"Whichever way we can get them," he said. "I prefer not to have to put an animal down."