• Girl suffers serious leg injury in car pileup


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - An ice patch caused a pileup that left a young girl with serious injuries in Cobb County on Thursday.
    Stephanie Porras had a hard time talking about what she witnessed. She was driving the first car that slid out of control on Herodian Way. The  ice sent her slamming into a curb. Moments later, a black car with a mother, grandmother and two kids also slid to a stop. The girls getting out apparently tried to push the car.
    “I was trying to get out of the car because [a car] was coming too fast and hit them,” Porras said.
    Porras said one of the young girls, later described as being 14-years-old, was hit on the leg and appeared to be severed below the knee.
    Nearby construction workers rushed to help. Rescuers quickly called for an air ambulance to rush the youngster to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
    “All I heard was the little girl screaming, it was horrible,” Porras said.
    Police and others consoled the mother. Investigators questioned the drivers, it is unclear if any charges will be filed. The ice was not visible on the shaded part of road until drivers came over the hill.
    It is now a horrible legacy to the snow that fell 48 hours earlier.

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