• Georgia Tech combating crime with new camera system

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - The Georgia Tech Police Department is cracking down on crime on campus with a brand-new video integration system.

    The center integrates the campus’ more than 700 cameras and utilizes new cameras with 360-degree viewing capabilities.
    The department installed 26 cameras on the major roads leading into campus, according Walter Warner, Operations manager for Georgia Tech Police.
    In deciding where to place the cameras, Georgia Tech analyzed crime statistics.
    “Other colleges have cameras. We are the first to operationally use the cameras as we are doing now,” Warner told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman.
    The cameras are monitored by dispatchers as well as Georgia Tech students and they’ve already caught criminals in the act.
    “A lot of students just see the patrol officers when they see the police department, but here you see you see how much is going on behind the scenes and how much effort is being done to ensure safety of students,” said Jeremy Tallant, a Georgia Tech student who works at the video integration center.
    Tallant helped develop the training program for other students who will work in the center.
    “It is going to enhance our response capability,” said Interim Chief Robert Connelly with the Georgia Tech Police Department.
    “I tend to be more private about things  more like, 'I don’t want people looking over my shoulder ,' but considering  what has gone on with theft and vandalism, this makes sense,” said Mark Delgado.
    To guard against privacy concerns Tallant said they developed an algorithm that blocks out windows to dorm rooms, fraternity and sorority houses, so student monitors cannot zoom in on those areas. 
    “Our goal is to ensure safety. We are not looking to violate anyone’s privacy,” Tallant said.
    “Anything to make students safer,” said student Jonathon Griffin.

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