Georgia State students complain about student housing fees

By: Rachel Stockman


ATLANTA - Students at Georgia State University came to Channel 2 Action News concerned about the school’s housing policy.
Students said they have not gotten their deposit back when they are wait-listed. A spokesperson for the school said students will get that money back if the school cannot offer them housing.
“We are college students, we don’t have that much money to just give away,” said student Raben White.
“I tried to live off campus but I couldn’t get my money back, so I’m going to stay here,” said student Danielle Redman.
“It is ridiculous. It is not fair. They are already taking a lot of money from us,” said Teraque Collins.
A spokesperson from GSU said if students are turned down for housing altogether, they will get the room reservation fee back. But if students are offered housing, even if it is not the room they selected, and they would rather live somewhere else, the room reservation fee is forfeited.
“If you want to live on campus it is their policy so I guess we will just have to deal with it,” Krissy Barnes, another student, said.

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