• Georgia gubernatorial candidates face off during debate


    ATLANTA, GA. - All three gubernatorial candidates faced off at the Georgia Public Broadcasting building Sunday night.

    “I've seen senator Carter's ad about my business,” Gov. Nathan Deal said.

    Republican incumbent Nathan Deal, Democrat Jason Carter and Libertarian Andrew Hunt fielded questions from their audience and each other on issues like healthcare.

    “Dr. Hunt wants to expand Medicaid, he wants to expand an entitlement program,” Deal said.

    Hunt addressed his stance on medical marijuana.

    “It has fewer side effects than the expensive drugs we're putting people on,” Hunt said.

    Carter brought up ethics, especially as it related to the current governor.

    “The taxpayers have been on the hook for governor deal's ethics scandals repeatedly,” Carter said.

    Deal attacked Carter's lack of experience, while Hunt criticized his opponents' history in politics.

    Both men highlighted the state's unemployment rate, which is the highest in the country.

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