• GDOT warns of heavy delays Monday after Ga. 400 tolls closure


    NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Drivers on Georgia 400 will be in for a much different commute on the first Monday free of tolls since 1993.

    "Monday morning is going to be something new for all of us," said Natalie Dale, a Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman.

    All of the toll lanes are blocked off now and all traffic is being shifted down to the three Peach Pass lanes.

    The old cash lanes will be blocked off, and that is expected to lead to congestion during peak traffic times.

    "That's how commuters will move through this area for the next three to four months as we work on the demolition of the actual toll plaza itself," said Dale.

    Traffic is expected to jump an estimated 20 percent.

    "We'll just have to see how it holds up under rush hour traffic," said commuter Steve Ayers.

    Triple Team Traffic reporter Marm Arum said commuters may catch a break this week because many schools are already on break for the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Beyond the increased volume from new drivers, GDOT is warning drivers to slow down and use caution because the area around the toll plaza is now a construction site.

    "It's going to necessitate everyone slowing down putting their phones down and really paying attention to what the new Georgia 400 is going to look like as we begin to do demolition on the toll plaza," said Dale.

    Many drivers welcome the change, but they know the next toll will be on their patience.

    "I think it's definitely going to increase traffic," said commuter Javier Sanchez.

    "We'll wait and see in the week when the heavy traffic starts," said Ayers.

    Heavy demolition on the plaza will is expected to start after the holidays.

    The project is expected to be completed by next fall.

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