• As gas prices go down, gas taxes stay the same


    ATLANTA - It’s a double edged sword for drivers as gas prices are falling but gas taxes are not.
    Governor Nathan Deal signed an executive order freezing the sales tax on gas at July levels when gas prices were a lot higher. They were set to drop in January, adjusting down with the price of gas, which means drivers will pay about two cents a gallon more.
    To be fair, the governor also froze the tax from going higher when prices were making huge jumps a couple years ago.
    Drivers told Channel 2 Action News they don't mind paying a couple pennies more in tax if the price per gallon stays this low.
    "I'm just glad it keeps going down. We've got enough bills and insurance and everything else to deal with,” said customer William Jones.
    "We believe it needs to be a more stable environment. This executive order just reinforces that,” Deal said.
    Here's the breakdown: Georgians are charged a state excise tax of 7 1/2 cents per gallon. That won't change. On top of that, Georgians pay a sales tax of 4 cents on every dollar, which is based on the average price per gallon and set every six months.
    "It benefits the consumer because money that is funneled into the transportation fund benefits all consumers who use our roadways and our bridges,” Deal said.
    AAA said local prices dropped another three cents overnight Thursday.

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