Gas prices up 41 cents in past month



The morning commute has gotten more expensive each day for the last 31 days, and prices increased again for Monday.

The new average price for a gallon of gas in metro Atlanta is $3.69, two cents higher than Sunday, and 41 cents higher than one month ago. Many places in Atlanta are inching closer to $4.00.

Pam Tyner said she is used to paying $75 to fill up. Monday morning, she paid $90.

Experts said drivers can blame in the increase on refineries that shut down for maintenance and higher crude oil prices.

“Oh yeah, a lot, I mean, I drive. We don’t have a public transportation system that supports the masses. So, unfortunately, a lot of people have to drive, and with gas prices the way it is, you don’t have a choice,” driver Greg Williams said.

A Mercer University professor told Channel 2 it will be at least a couple months before prices return to normal, and there’s no way to tell how high the prices will go.