Gasoline leak causes evacuation of Little Five Points



ATLANTA - The smell of gasoline invaded some Atlanta businesses Tuesday in the Little Five Points area, causing the fire department to evacuate the business district.

Business owners called 911 early in the day after finding themselves overwhelmed by the smell.

"We could breathe but it was getting worse and worse the longer we stayed there," said Eric Ludgood.

Ludgood works at a record store along Euclid Avenue.

"The smell is of gasoline, not natural gas, so they've evacuated most of the businesses down here," Atlanta Fire Rescue spokesperson Janet Ward told Channel 2's Erica Byfield.

Firefighters brought in heavy machinery to deal with the spill.

Ward told Byfield the business owners with bathrooms complained the most about the smell. Officials think there was gas in the sewer.

"We think there is a possibility it's gotten into the sewer and so we have called the department of watershed management," Ward said.

A man who works in a cellphone repair shop near the corner of Euclid and Moreland avenues told Byfield he thinks an accident at the corner gas station led to the spill.

"Yesterday the guy, he just ran into the gas tank. He actually knocked it over, so the gas tank was over and there was a little gas coming out of it and it actually ran into the back of my shop," said Shaman Brown.

Ward did not confirm Brown's theory, but late Tuesday crews spent a lot of time examining the pump Brown mentioned.

It is unclear how long the evacuation will last.