• Ga. Tech fraternity suspended for hazing

    By: Erin Coleman


    ATLANTA - A Georgia Tech fraternity has been suspended from campus for two years after complaints of hazing.

    The university disbanded the Beta Theta Pi fraternity because of what happened during a pledging incident last month. Several fraternity members told Channel 2's Erin Coleman they couldn't comment, but other students on campus said the news has spread quickly.

    "You have this intense academic environment and people try to counterbalance that with partying, trying to prove they're socially worthy. I guess from that perspective it's not entirely surprising," student Roxanne Moore said.

    A letter to chapter members from the national office said, "Hazing has permeated the chapter."

    "Through an investigation and collaboration with Georgia Tech, a period of closure of the Gamme Eta chapter is the most appropriate response," the letter said.

    The letter does not go into detail about what specifically happened to pledges last month that prompted the suspension.

    "A lot of times it will take some major event like this to send a shock through the whole community, so that no one will have to go through something like this again. Hopefully that's what happens," freshman Nathan Rakitt said.

    In addition to the fraternity's suspension, individuals have been disciplined by the school. Some students face a year-long academic suspension.

    Late Thursday afternoon, a university spokesperson released a statement that says that "the behavior violated the student code of conduct."

    The fraternity does have the option to appeal.

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