• Fundraiser for Georgia families headed to Colorado for medical marijuana


    ATLANTA - At least six more Georgia families with sick children are about to leave for Colorado for medical marijuana  treatment. The oil reduces or stops seizures in many children.
    A bill that would have legalized it in Georgia failed.
    For almost her entire life, Corey Lowe's 12-year-old daughter Victoria has suffered from uncontrollable seizures every day.
    “She could have anywhere from seven to 50, upwards to 100,” Lowe said.
    Each seizure damages her brain.
    Victoria is 12 and has never talked in her young life.
    Lowe was one of many parents who lobbied Georgia legislators to legalize medical marijuana oil. The treatment has virtually eliminated seizures in many kids like Victoria.
    The bill failed at the last minute.
    “It broke my heart,” Lowe said.
    State Rep. Allen Peake, who fought for the bill, started a foundation to help pay rent for Georgia families who go to Colorado to get treatment.
    “These families are hurting right now and there's a way to get them relief and I would like to be a help to help them get that relief,” said State Rep. Scot Turner.
    Saturday, Turner and 15 other legislators and police chiefs who have collected pledges will take the plunge into a pool for those families.
    Lowe and her daughter leave next week.
    “I can't keep taking a risk with her life and just have to pack up and leave my husband and two boys behind and get her to Colorado,” Lowe said.
    You can attend the fundraiser 10:15 a.m. Saturday at the Cherokee Aquatic Center. You can also donate here.

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