• Fulton commissioner wants ban on cellphone use while driving


    A Fulton County commissioner is pushing to ban cellphone use while driving.

    Commissioner Robb Pitts said the current statewide ban on texting while driving is not enough and does not work.

    Fulton County police admit enforcing the existing law has been difficult. They have only issued three citations in more than two years.

    “It’s almost impossible for officers to determine whether one is texting while driving. However, if you’re holding a handheld device while driving, that’s fairly easy and that solves the problem,” Pitts said.

    The ban would only be for unincorporated areas of Fulton County, but Pitts said he hopes the idea will catch on with Fulton County cities as well.

    At the state level, several lawmakers have said they’re already planning to file legislation next session outlawing using handheld devices while driving.

    Pitts said he does not want to wait for the state to get involved. He wants a law in Fulton County as soon as possible.

    “I see people driving all the time that are distracted. The light changes and they’re still sitting there,” one driver told Channel 2’s Erin Coleman.

    Pitts said the law is all about safety, and many drivers agree.

    “I can live without my cellphone,” a driver said.

    Pitts said he plans to talk about the proposed ban next week at the county commissioner’s meeting.

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