Food pantry in critical need of donations

by: Linda Stouffer Updated:

On Wednesday, Atlanta's hungry can come in for expired bread.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A local assistance program may run out of food in days.

Channel 2's Linda Stouffer found out the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry needs immediate help to feed families that have nowhere else to turn.

On Wednesday, Atlanta's hungry can come in for expired bread. Kenneth Holloway came in for breakfast.

"I could not afford it on a normal (day), and it's a variety of stuff, so it's good," Holloway said.

Family food staples like cereal go to St Vincent de Paul, but now shelf after shelf is empty of supplies.

"This was all of our grains. This was rice, this was Rice-a-Roni," St. Vincent de Paul food pantry Executive Director John Berry told Stouffer as he gave her a tour of the empty food pantry.

Berry told Stouffer the desperate demand is at the same peak as last summer, but donations are way down.

"Our hearts have been destroyed this summer," Berry said. "Right now have enough food in this food pantry to feed 15 more families and then we'll be basically tapped out."

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul serves more than 200,000 Georgians through local Catholic churches.  Throughout north Georgia, their pantries are hurting like never before.

"Its bare. The cupboards are bare. I feel like Mother Hubbard," volunteer Laura Yacovone said.

Yacovone said she has had to send families away with less.

"It's really tragic to have them come in. We try to offer what we have. They are hungry," Yacovone said.

"We need food. We need canned goods, we need grains, we need peanut butter and jelly, we need all the things that are staples," Berry said.

Organizers said one other reason the cupboard is bare this time of year is because they need more help to feed children who are home from school for the summer.

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