• Flint River named 2nd most endangered in U.S.


    ATLANTA - Georgia's Flint River has been ranked the nation's second most endangered river this year.

    American Rivers released its "most endangered rivers" list Wednesday, with the Colorado River topping it.

    The Flint River, in western Georgia, is threatened by declining river flows and outdated water management, according to American Rivers.

    "The consequences of continually low flows in the Flint River and its tributaries are dire. The Flint drainage shelters a great variety of native fish as well as five federally protected mussel species, all of which will be negatively impacted by the persistence of diminished flows," American Rivers said in a news release.

    The annual top-10 list points to a three-year federal Bureau of Reclamation study that warned last December that the river won't always be able to serve all who rely upon it.

    The rest of the rivers, starting at No. 3, are Texas' San Saba River, Wisconsin's Little Plover River, the Catawba River in the Carolinas, Minnesota's Boundary Waters, Oregon's Rough & Ready Baldface Creeks, Kootenai River in Montana and Idaho, and Niobrara River in Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

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