Federal employee caught abusing government credit card


ATLANTA - Documents obtained by Channel 2 Action News show a local federal worker spent thousands of your tax dollars on his groceries, cable television and travel.

The government shutdown in 2013 meant thousands of federal workers went without a paycheck. With the bosses out of the officer at the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Atlanta Larry Lorenzo Jones found a money-making opportunity.

Jones cost taxpayers nearly $12,000 after using three government credit cards for personal charges.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown tells Channel 2's Justin Gray the checks and balances weren't in place because the government was shut down.

The HUD inspector general found Jones spent more than $7,000 in just three months at grocery stores, more than $2,000 for hotels and also spent taxpayer dollars for his cable bill.

Georgia court records show Jones was convicted of two felonies and two misdemeanors for fraud and theft. In that case he'll serve nine years probation and is required to get alcohol and drug counseling.

The charge card abuse prevention act of 2012 is designed to prevent these kinds of crimes. Inspector generals in every government department now conduct regular audits looking for credit card abuse.

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