Latest wreck at deadly Fayette intersection causes more concern

By: Matt Johnson


FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - A local intersection has officials scrambling for a solution and neighbors demanding a change after the latest crash resulted in another injury.

Few people know more about the dangers of the intersection than Julia Ballard Ivey.

Ivey says people have died in her backyard over the years after colliding with cars at the intersection.

"This is horrible. Never in my wildest dreams did i think it would come to this point where you can't even lie down at night and feel safe," she said.


She lives at the corner of Antioch and Goza roads and she was there when a local woman was seriously injured in the 13th crash of the year.

Natalie Davis, 82, died May 11 in a crash at the intersection that also involved another vehicle.

Neighbors say drivers often assume it's a four-way stop and pull in front of oncoming cars while expecting the other car to stop.

"I have been here forever and if I don't know what to do then some of these people who rarely travel the road don't know what to do," said Nancy Holland, a woman who lives in the area.


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