Dangerous intersection to get overhaul after years of deadly wrecks

By: Berndt Petersen


FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - One of the metro area's deadliest intersections is getting an overhaul.

Residents in Fayette County have pleaded with county officials for something to be done about the crossing at Antioch and Goza roads.

Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen went to the intersection on Tuesday. He said it didn’t take long to find debris from car wrecks there. There was also a right of way marker that had been shattered in a recent crash.

Neighbors say they are feeling some sense of relief now that something will be done to make the intersection safer.
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Residents in the area say they are finally feeling some sense of relief now that something will be done to make the intersection safer.

When Julia Ivey looks out at the crossing of Antioch and Goza roads, she said it brings back memories --most of them bad.


"I have seen some nasty sights out here. I really have. I've been scared a lot of times," Ivey told Petersen.

It is one of the most dangerous intersections in the area -- not because of the total number of wrecks, but because of how serious they usually are.

"People were literally getting life-flighted off, taken out in ambulances. People were not walking away out of those accidents. A lot of people died," Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown told Petersen.

An 82-year old woman lost her life in a crash at the corner in May. Another local woman was badly injured in a wreck at the intersection last month. It was the 13th wreck so far this year.

At first glance, the intersection appears to be a four-way stop. Traffic on Goza Road has to stop.

But cars and trucks on Antioch Road do not. T-bone crashes have become all too common.

County commissioners are now stepping up to help. More than $1 million will be spent to build a roundabout at the intersection

Ivey said it will make a big difference.

“I'm glad to see something happening now. This is great," Ivey told Petersen. "The roundabout -- if that will cure it, I'm all for it."

It will take about 18 more months to get the roundabout built.

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