• Father, daughter arrested after 6-year-old found living in filth

    By: Ross Cavitt


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A Cobb County father and daughter are behind bars after police said they found a 6-year-old living in filth.
    Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt learned the family home the child was found in was ready to collapse.
    Neighbor Nancy Solis has lived next door to the small home, on Favor Road, for four years and watched the young girl grow up. When she saw the police there for hours Sunday, she knew something was up.
    “She wasn't dressed poorly or the parents didn't look like they were dirty, so,” Solis said. “I feel bad for the little girl, but if they can help her-- like I said, if that was such bad shape, I would hope she would be in a better place.”
    Police came to the house for a neighborhood dispute and found the inside of the home looked worse than the outside, with at least a dozen cats and a few dogs inside.
    Investigators said there were feces everywhere. They said there was no running water, the toilets were overflowing, there was evidence of rodents and rooms were packed to the point of being unusable.
    Officers told Cavitt the floors were sagging to the point of collapse.
    The 6-year-old girl, an arrest warrant states, was sleeping on a mattress in the living room near some of the filth.
    Neighbors now wish they'd looked a little closer.
    “You know, it’s hard because we were talking about it with my husband yesterday because she was right there and we never knew. Maybe we need to pay more attention,” Solis said.

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