Father believes son's fatal shooting was no accident

by: Tom Jones Updated:


JONESBORO, Ga. - The father of a man shot and killed by a friend said he doesn't believe it was an accident.

Clayton County police said Divonte Lester, 20, shot Quinn Heckstall, 19, in the chest while the two were together on Wagon Wheel Court in Jonesboro Saturday.

According to police records, officers said Lester was playing with a gun he thought was unloaded.

Detectives said Lester pointed the gun at Heckstall and it accidentally went off. Heckstall, the nephew of State Rep. Joe Heckstall, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Heckstall's dad, who goes by the same name, doesn't believe the shooting was an accident.

"I feel in my heart, and God is telling me, it's not an accident, 'cause friends don't do that to friends," Quinn Heckstall said. "There's no such thing as playing with a gun. My son is gone for playing with a gun. So you tell me if that's an accident."

Lester faces involuntary manslaughter, reckless conduct and tampering with evidence charges. He cried in court as the judge read the charges. His mom and dad wept, too.

Just a night before, as he was being transported to jail, Lester said he was sorry for what happened.

"I'm so sorry. That's my brother, man," he said.

Police said Lester hid the gun after the shooting.

Heckstall's family said he was loved and deserved to live. They also don't believe this was an accident.

"I want to know everyone that was involved in this situation. Everyone that was there. I want every piece of evidence to come out of this case," his aunt, Ivory Cloud, said.

Lester is being held without bond.