• Father of man accused of shooting Fulton Co. ADA speaks out

    By: Liz Artz


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - The father of the man accused of shooting a Fulton County assistant district attorney talked to Channel 2’s Liz Artz about his son's life.
    "He really loved his wife, he loved April and he just wanted everything to work,” said Tranard McConnell’s father, Timothy McConnell.
    The heartbroken father was trying to grasp what had transpired over the past 48 hours. He said he saw his son Wednesday and that he was in good spirits.
    Tranard McConnell was accused of shooting his estranged wife, April McConnell, and her friend Levon Hailey Friday morning. Timothy McConnell told Artz he couldn’t have asked for a better son.
    "If I had to pick a child that would be the one he was a great kid,” Timothy McConnell said.
    Something snapped in Tranard that Timothy said he'll never understand.
    Police found Tranard McConnell a short time later in a pond at the Forest Lawn Cemetery. Police said he fatally shot himself.
    Timothy McConnell said his son was close to his grandparents, he took care of them before they died. He told Artz they are buried at the same cemetery where Tranard was found dead.
    "That's where his grandparents are buried and I think he was going there just to say goodbye to them,” Timothy said.
    Timothy said they've been to the hospital to visit April McConnell and her family.
    "They were really supportive because they knew him we hugged and cried we just praying April will make it through,” Timothy said.
    Timothy McConnell said April McConnell’s condition is improving.
    "She's doing fine. It's going to be a long process, strong family our backing we are praying for her every day,” Timothy said.
    Timothy McConnell said he wants people to know his son wasn't a bad person. He told Artz Tranard McConnell didn’t know a stranger, that he would help anyone and had a warm heart.
    Timothy McConnell said he'll miss his son every day, he forgot to tell him he loved him Wednesday, the last time he saw him.
    "I didn't tell him I love him. I normally tell him that every time,” Timothy McConnell said.

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