• Fast food, home healthcare workers rally for raise


    ATLANTA - Fast food workers who want their wages to be doubled blocked traffic in midtown Atlanta Thursday.
    The protest was part of a national movement targeting fast food restaurants and the minimum wage.
    Several of the protesters were handcuffed and taken away in a paddy wagon.
    The sit-in blocked traffic on eastbound Ponce de Leon Avenue for about 45 minutes Thursday at the height of the lunch hour at the McDonald's. Demonstrators want a union and said they should be paid double the $7.25 they said they make now.
    “They make millions and millions and billions of dollars. Fifteen dollars is like petty cash to them,” said protester Quiana Shields.
    One McDonald's customer said he sympathizes with protesters but questions their demand for a more than a  double raise.
    “Yeah, just not as high as $15 an hour from $7 an hour is kind of far-fetched,” the man said.
    APD and Fulton County sheriff's deputies watched and waited about 45 minutes before they began to handcuff demonstrators after giving repeated warnings.
    Demonstrations nationwide and others in Atlanta also picketed Wendy’s and Burger King where Armando Dukes told Channel 2’s Diana Davis he's gotten just a 10-cent raise after working there six years.
    “We struggle to do anything else as far as transportation. We struggle. I know I struggle a lot,” Dukes said.
    The protesters said they are just one of just dozens, if not hundreds, of groups across the country and they said their fight for this wage will go on until they get it.


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