Family searching for 23-year-old's killer



DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A local family is asking for help finding leads nearly one month after Tiffany Stephens was shot and killed in her DeKalb County apartment.

Her family said Stephens had just moved to Atlanta from New York and found an apartment with her boyfriend at Shoals Crossing.

Six months later she was found shot to death in that apartment and her family said the person responsible still hasn't been caught.

Maria Hennington said she can't speak about her 23-year-old niece without crying.
“So this is our life when we think about her. There's a hole that's left there because of someone's selfishness,” said Hennington.
Hennington said her niece was found Aug. 7 in her bedroom. She had been shot multiple times with no signs of forced entry and no signs anything had been stolen.
“If you knew her, there's no way you could've looked her in the face and did this unless there was no human trait within you,” said Hennington.
Jasmin Carter said her cousin was with someone in her apartment the night she died. Carter said she was supposed to meet that person after work, but Stephens stopped answering her phone. 
That afternoon, neighbor Tia Mayson said she heard what sounded like gunshots.
“I didn't think much of it until the boyfriend, he came home and I guess he found her and he knocked on my door and he was just yelling and screaming,” said Mayson.
No one has been arrested. Her family says there is a reward for any information leading to the capture of her killer.
“What could've been so bad that someone would take her life in this manner?” asked Hennington.