• Family: Ayvani Perez in good spirits

    By: Richard Elliot


    CLAYTON COUNTY - The Clayton County teenager kidnapped during a home invasion is now in good health and good spirits, according to her aunt.

    Kidnappers dropped off 14-year-old Ayvani Perez at her aunt's Conyers home Wednesday afternoon after holding her for 36 hours.

    The aunt spoke to Channel 2 Action News off-camera and said her niece appears to be in good shape and is spending time with her family at an undisclosed location.

    She did say Perez is heartbroken over the loss of her poodle Ella. Perez's aunt said the dog jumped out of Ayvani's arms during the attack in an attempt to protect her.  The kidnappers shot the dog to death as they demanded money and jewelry from the Perez family. 

    The family reportedly is trying to find Ayvani a new puppy.

    Clayton County Police and the FBI are still searching for the two men pictured in a police sketch.  They believe those are the two men who broke into the Perez’s home and abducted her. 

    Agents did arrest 29-year-old Wildrego Jackson in connection with the kidnapping.  He's facing federal charges.

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