Family grieves after loved one killed in crash with APD officer

by: Tom Jones Updated:


ATLANTA - The family of a woman who died during a crash with a police officer is expressing concern for the officer and his family.

Jackie Culp died after Fulton County police said Atlanta police Officer Joshua Sieck crashed into her BMW at the intersection of Cascade and Fairburn roads in South Fulton County, as he was responding to an emergency call.

Culp's family told Channel 2's Tom Jones she will be missed.

"I'm gonna miss Jackie. My whole family's gonna miss Jackie," Myrtis Robinson-Speight said about her sister.

"We always gonna remember Jackie as being a strong devoted wife. I mean a great mother and don't mess with her children and don't mess with me," Culp's husband Ralph Culp Jr. said.

As they grieved Culp's untimely death, they found it in their hearts to express concern for the officer accused of causing her death.

"I hope that the officer and his family ... I hope they're fine," Robinson-Speight said.

Fulton County police charged Sieck with second-degree vehicular homicide, a misdemeanor. Atlanta police fired the rookie officer soon after.

Robinson-Speight said her sister was a Christian who believed in forgiveness. But Ralph Culp Jr. said his wife also believed in accountability.

He now wants Atlanta police to be accountable and make policy changes to prevent another incident like the one that killed his wife.

"We want something to come of her death. We wouldn't want another family to have to deal with this kind of a thing," Culp said.

"Through Jackie we hope and we pray that things will change," Robinson-Speight said.

Attorney Thomas Cuffie has been retained by the Culp family.

Cuffie said he has started an independent investigation to determine exactly what happened.

In the meantime he's recognizes how important it is to Culp's family to make sure she didn't die in vain.

"They want to do whatever is reasonable to try and diminish or lessen the kind of incidents that happened on this day," Cuffie said.

"The police officer passed us," said Jason Myles who said Sieck passed him with his lights and sirens on.

Soon after the crash he said he tried to help Culp.

"Her situation looked bad, she wasn't getting out of her car," he said.

Before his wife died, "One thing she told me was the light was green," Ralph Culp said.

Ralph Culp wants people to know his wife loved God, loved life and loved people.

"She was just (a) good-to-the-bone woman that's what I love. Your question what do you love about her? Yeah that's what I love about her," Ralph Culp said.