Family desperate for return of couple stuck in Mexico

by: Diana Davis Updated:


DALTON, Ga. - Family members are desperate for the return of a Dalton couple stuck in Mexico in an immigration battle.

Ramon Gonzales and Angelica Carranza both grew up in Dalton and married last year.  Gonzales was born in the United States, but his wife was brought in illegally by her family when she was 5.

The couple went to Mexico in April to get Carranza a U.S. visa so she can live in the country legally.  But the U.S. consulate turned her down and told the couple it could take 10 years before she gets one.

On Tuesday, relatives told Channel 2's Diana Davis they are getting desperate. Gonzales’ mother, Martha, now works alone at her family's tortilla business. She used to get help from her son. She talks to the couple each day by phone and says they are losing hope.
“They are sad and desperate they want to come back,” she said.

Last week, President Barack Obama announced he would change the immigration policy to prevent the deportation of some law-abiding, younger, undocumented immigrants. The rules don’t apply to Carranza because she left the country two months ago.
Though Gonzales could return on his own, he has committed to stay with his wife until she is allowed back in the country. Through tears, her relatives said they are devastated.
“They have to find a way to survive over there. Their dreams over here are broken,” said Martha Gonzales.
Despite their family ties to Mexico, Gonzales’ brother told Davis that it is a strange and frightening place for the couple.

“They're just frightened. They don’t know how to adjust to the different situation with all the crime over there. They don’t know if they should go out or not,” he said.

Despite everything, Carranza’s mother told Davis she does not regret her decision to come to the United States to give her family a better life.