• Family believes teen was lured to his death


    ATLANTA - Family members of an Atlanta teenager shot and killed early Sunday morning believe he was lured to a home before he was killed.
    They also believe someone in the neighborhood likely knows who pulled the trigger.
    “They murdered my son, and please find whoever did it and justice will be done,” said the victim’s mother, Stacie Thomas.
    Thomas still can't believe her 18-year-old son won't be home for dinner. She said her son, Stephon, got a call from a girl Saturday night to meet her at a party at a home a few blocks away. But inside someone shot Stephon in the back of the head, killing him.
    “We do feel that when this incident occurred there were lots of people around,” said Paul Guerrucci, with the Atlanta Police Department.
    “It’s just really frustrating, you know? They won't let you in, they won't let you do anything. They just made me stand behind the yellow tape. My nephew was just lying there in blood,” said Stephon’s uncle, Anthony Thomas.
    Stephon's uncle had dashed to the house when he got the late-night call, but said since then the family has heard little from investigators.
    Other family members said social media has been abuzz with details of the killing, which frustrates them, hoping those posting will also go to police with what they know.
    “And I hope that the person who did it turns himself in, we want justice that's all,” Anthony Thomas said.

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