Family of accused cop killer getting death threats

by: Richard Elliot Updated:

ATHENS, Ga. - The family of accused Athens cop killer Jamie Hood claims it's received numerous threatening emails and wants whoever is responsible to stop.
Azalee Hood showed Channel 2’s Richard Elliot a printout of the some of the emails she's received over her Gmail account.
"They really need to exterminate this family," said one email.
"The safest possible manner is to bury this family," said another.
A third expressed this: "Hold a family reunion at the Hood household.  Burn the house down.  Send no fire units."

"These threats right here, all these comments and stuff that people are doing to us, we hadn't done anything," Azalee Hood told Elliot.
"They got a hole in their heart, that's what they got," she said, though she also admitted she had not alerted law enforcement about the emails.  "They got no heart, just a big hole there consumed with hate."
Jamie Hood is accused of killing Athens-Clarke County Police Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and seriously wounding Officer Tony Howard.  After a long manhunt, Hood surrendered to police on live television.
Hood has an extensive criminal history, including a conviction and 12-year sentence for armed robbery.  The Hood family has had a number of documented run-ins with law enforcement.
Jamie Hood was scheduled to have his latest court appearance Friday as the court tries to decide which judge will hear his death penalty case, but that proceeding was postponed indefinitely.  Hood has had a number of outbursts in recent court proceedings.  He's even demanded that a judge fire his own public defenders.
Azalee Hood said she last visited her son Saturday and that he once again admitted to and apologized for the shootings.
"I believe from the bottom of my heart that he's truly sorry," said Hood.  "He did not mean to kill that man. He got caught up in something he shouldn't have been caught up in."
Clarke County District Attorney Ken Mauldin had no comment and said he did not want to try the case in the media.