Fallen tree nearly crushes driver



ATLANTA - A driver was nearly crushed when a large tree came down on two cars Tuesday afternoon, and repairs continued into the next morning.

The tree hit two cars, a power pole, and nearly damaged a home when it came crashing down on Cambellton Road in southwest Atlanta. Crews were still working on repairs more than 12 hours after the tree fell.

Utility lines looked like tangled spaghetti, and a car was surrounded by massive tree limbs leaning across the road onto a house at the other end.

“All of a sudden I heard a cluck, cluck, cluck, boom and then, I jumped up and I ran out the door and the car was stuck up in the tree,” a nearby resident said.

The driver of the car said she saw the tree coming toward her and only had a moment to react.

“I seen the tree, so when the tree fell I stopped on the brakes and turned. If I hadn't turned, the whole tree would have fell on me,” Sharee Greene said.

Then, her concern was getting herself and her elderly godmother out of the car. Neighbors stepped in to help.

“First things going through your mind is, 'The car’s going to blow. Get them out,'” Norma Rollins said.

She and others helped the women get out of the passenger side of the car.

“The girl was looking like, ‘My car,’ and I said, ‘Don’t worry about your car. You can replace your car. Y’all both alive to see tomorrow,” Rollins said.

Greene said a pickup truck rear-ended her after she slammed on the brakes, but the tree did minimal damage to it.

Georgia Power workers left the area overnight, but other crews were working on repairing cable and phone lines into the pre-dawn hours.