• Fallen Griffin officer remembered at memorial


    GRIFFIN, Ga. - A Griffin officer murdered while working an off-duty job was remembered Sunday.
    Crowds gathered at a church surrounded by American flags in Spalding County Sunday to honor Officer Kevin Jordan.
    It was an uplifting sight for many people with heavy hearts at the Oak Hill Baptist Church in Williamson. Those who knew Jordan said they think he'd be proud to know this is how he's being remembered.
    Several people said they didn't know Jordan, or only knew of him, but after hearing about the tragic way he died they wanted to be there to thank his family for his service.
    “That’s what American people stand for… unity. And when something like that happens to an officer they really show their respect,” said mourner Kenneth Reid.
    “I never met the officer personally, but everyone I knew who knew him spoke about how wonderful he was, and how much of a nice person he was and I wanted to pay my respect,” said Griffin resident Natashia Kearney.
    Jordan, a father of seven, died while working an off-duty security job at a nearby Waffle House.
    Police charged Michael Bowman and Chantell Mixon with felony murder.
    Investigators said in late May Jordan tried to break up a fight involving the couple. As he attempted to handcuff Mixon, Bowman pulled out a gun and shot him several times in the back.
    Those who knew Jordan and his family are devastated by the loss.
    “It’s great to see that our community is actually coming together for something for a change and not being all apart, choosing sides, you could say,” said another Griffin resident.
    Jordan’s funeral will be held at the Oak Hill Baptist Church Monday afternoon.

    Just Saturday, hundreds of officers from law enforcement attended the high school graduation of Jordan's son.

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