Falcons fans do the Wobble at Atlanta airport

By: Kimberly Richardson


ATLANTA - Like thousands of Atlanta Falcons fans, Latecia Dickson Moses was heading to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Saturday.

Latecia and her husband, Tim Moses, were Super Bowl bound.

Making sure to arrive with plenty of time to drop off their bags, Latecia said they started to notice the Falcons spirit immediately.

"All the employees with Southwest Airlines were all dressed up in jerseys and gear," Latecia said. "It was so great seeing everyone supporting Atlanta."

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However, that was just the beginning of what they would soon see.

As Latecia and Tim got off the train and headed towards their terminal, they heard a large amount of noise.

Curious as to what was going on, Tim turned around the corner and could not believe what he was seeing.

"Right in front of our eyes was a massive pep rally for the Falcons," Latecia said. "There were prizes, it was amazing."


To top it off, fans started doing the Wobble -- and that's when Latecia said she had to join in on all the fun.

"We almost missed our flight due to all the excitement," Latecia said.

But, the party didn't stop there.

Latecia said that about 90 percent of the people on the flight to Houston were from Atlanta and were Falcons fans.

"I couldn't of asked for a better way to arrive in Houston," Latecia said. "I am so proud of our city."

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