Ex-House Speaker returns to politics after affair, suicide attempt



The former Georgia House Speaker is attempting a comeback nearly three years after an affair and attempted suicide that prompted his resignation.

Glenn Richardson is now running for a state Senate seat left open by Bill Hambrick’s resignation. Richardson told Channel 2’s Richard Elliot on Tuesday that he hopes voters will trust him again. He said he understands he violated trust after his affair with a lobbyist.

“I've learned a lesson that a lot of people in this life know. There's a price to pay. I paid that price, and I won't do that again,” Richardson said.

Richardson he was pushed to the edge by his bitter, public divorce, job stress and a battle with depression.

“It got to be more than I could stand, and I tried to die.  I didn't.  I'm glad I didn't,” Richardson said. “I thank God for letting me live.  I can't change one single thing I did yesterday, but I can change everything I do today.

Richardson said he’s healthy now and ready to hold office again.

But constituents at M & J Restaurant in Carrollton told Elliot they aren’t so sure.

“He served his time. He was caught red-handed, so we don't think he'll do anything in our part of the community because we all felt the same way,” farmer T.W. Burson said.

Richardson said he hopes to change minds.

“Are we measured by our failures or our successes?  I would ask to be measured by my success.  I would ask people to trust me, and if you can't bring yourself to, I don't judge you,” he said.

Richardson said he's concerned about the foreclosure crisis and the HOPE scholarship. He helped engineer the Republican takeover of the state House, but state Republicans aren't flocking to him. He said he understands it’s just politics.