Estranged husband sought in woman's shooting death



ATLANTA - Police are searching for the estranged husband of a woman who was shot and killed outside her home.

Atlanta police said Melanie McQueen-Moultrie, 35, was behind the wheel of her car on Emerald Court in southwest Atlanta when she was shot Monday evening.

“It does appear that she was in the vehicle. It may have been parked at one point, but it was moving during the shooting because it did collide with a mailbox,” Lt. Paul Guerrucci said.

Police said her estranged husband, Dondrelle Moultrie, fired several shots through the windshield of the car.

“Very shocking, because we don’t have crime around here. This is a fairly quiet neighborhood. Everyone knows one another; people around here mind their own business,” neighbor Andre Turner said.

Neighbors said Moultrie used to live with his wife and their two children, but recently moved out after the couple separated.

"He just seemed like a really sane kind of person, but I guess you can’t judge that about people,” Turner said.

Police believe Moultrie may be driving a 2008 teal Chevy Silverado, with license plate No. BCQ 8516.