Employees seen eating food off customers' plates at Atlanta seafood restaurant



ATLANTA - A southwest Atlanta seafood restaurant failed its inspection in the past week with several violations, including accusations of an employee eating out of the customer to-go plates.
Nicky's Seafood opened in 1984 on Whitehall Street. A new manager at the seafood restaurant said the problems are being fixed.
On March 14, the restaurant failed their health inspection with a 59 score.
“At a well-established restaurant, that's not good. It's actually surprising to me, we eat here often,” said customer Milton Cotton.
Some of the violations included mold at the ice machine, an employee observed eating out of the customers' to-go plates, an employee observed handling food without hair restraints and observed heavy debris on the fan vents.
Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge talked to the manager at the restaurant who said she was new and was brought in after the inspection to fix the violations.

She said there was some previous bad management and she is currently getting the restaurant cleaned up and workers focused on proper food preparations.
Before getting the score of 59 in August, the restaurant got a score of 71. A week after that, the restaurant increased that score to a 94.
Cotton said for him to return to Nicky's Seafood, the score needs to go way up.
“I'm looking for at least a 95 for a well-established restaurant, at least,” Cotton said.
The restaurant will be re-inspected within the week.