• Emily Bowman marks milestone by learning to stand

    By: Diana Davis


    ATLANTA - The mother of Emily Bowman, the young woman hit by an alleged drunk driver, says her daughter is making progress.
    Emily Bowman can speak a few words and Friday, Channel 2's Diana Davis witnessed her learning to stand.
    Nearly 15 months after an alleged drunken driver hit the 20-year-old, every bit of progress is a milestone for her and her family.
    “I think she's real close to taking those first steps,” said Emily’s mother Debbie Bowman.
    Emily Bowman had surgery on her feet a few weeks ago to loosen the tendons in her feet. Her mother said that operation and therapy to build strength in her upper body have helped her move toward standing for a few seconds with assistance.
    “Her body is the one helping push herself up,” Debbie Bowman said.
    The hope, the dream is that Emily Bowman will eventually be able to take those baby steps. A few weeks ago, she began to speak. She can't initiate conversations but can respond to questions.
    “It is still very slow,” said Debbie Bowman.
    Davis watched Friday afternoon as Emily's mother helped her out of bed and got her on her feet.
    It was huge progress for a young woman who was not expected to speak move or think for herself. Every baby step is  a small miracle for this family.
    “Oh, you just don't know. She's so close to taking that first step but were going to turn around now. So exciting, I cannot wait for her to take those steps and start to walk,” Debbie Bowman said.
    Emily Bowman is progressing enough that instead of going to three therapy sessions a week, she'll now go every weekday.
    The community continues to help the family. Channel 2 was there as the nonprofit Sunshine on a Rainey Day unveiled a new bathroom suite and downstairs bedroom for Emily Bowman.
    Another group has now stepped up.  It is building an adjoining therapy room and an outdoor deck so Emily Bowman will be able to be in the sunshine.

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