Starved teen confined to room gains ten pounds

by: Aaron Diamant Updated:

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has uncovered new developments in a local child abuse case that's made national headlines.

Detectives from Paulding County have been traveling the country trying to figure out how 18-year old Mitch Comer ended up locked in a bedroom with little food for years.

Channel 2 Action News broke this story two weeks ago and has been following it closely ever since. As Paul and Sheila Comer remain locked up ahead of a bond hearing later this week, detectives have worked around the clock to figure out where and when this alleged abuse started.

The Comers are accused of keeping their starving son prisoner inside their Dallas home.

"This is a case that our detectives have become emotionally involved in," Paulding County Sheriff's Office spokesman Corporal Ashley Henson on Monday.

To build their case, Channel 2 Action News has learned detectives traveled to Kentucky last week to meet with Paul Comer's mother and sister.

"Basically, what they were trying to do was get some insight into why this may have happened, if there was some type of situation that may have occurred years ago that might have created this situation for Mitch," Henson said.

Investigators have also now interviewed Mitch's two younger half-sisters, who lived in the home with Mitch, but told police they hadn't seen him in two years. The girls are now in foster care.

"You have to go in with kid gloves on, no pun intended, but you really have to go in there and gain the children's trust," said Henson.

Investigators say they questioned Sheila Comer's parents shortly before a hearing in juvenile court involving the girls early last week.

And our cameras were there when federal, state, and local investigators searched the Comers' home.

We also know detectives have spoken with officials in Cherokee county where Mitch Comer attended middle school. School district leaders confirm it made a referral to the Georgia Division of Family and Children services in February 2009, because staff members suspected abuse.

And while investigators say they're pleased with their progress, "We've still got a long way to go," Henson said.

Detectives have also reached out to police in Arizona where the Comers lived before moving to Paulding County.

The Comer's bond hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, Henson said Mitch is still staying with a local family and is doing well. Investigators say he's gained 10 pounds and is happy.