• Emaciated dog weighing 26 pounds found outside church


    ATLANTA - A dog is recovering at a Sandy Springs animal hospital a day after rescuers found him emaciated and tied to a tree at a Northwest Atlanta church.
    The rescuers named the boxer mix Odysseus, and he weighed barely 26 pounds when he arrived at the GVS Blue Pearl Animal Hospital on Abernathy Road.
    "He has a body score of a half or a 1 out of ten," said Karin Wallace of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.  "So that's pretty horrendous.  He hasn't had a meal in who knows when.  He probably wouldn't have survived too much longer."
    Wallace said her rescue organization got a call from Fulton County Animal Services that they recovered a dog in desperate need of medical attention.  She said Odie, as they call him, couldn't stand up when he was brought to the hospital.
    After some food and IV fluids, Odie was standing and walking around Monday.
    "He'll be on a feeding schedule to slowly introduce food back into his world," said Wallace.
    The good news is that Odie tested negative for heartworms and other diseases, so there is hope he can make a full recovery.
    He may be able to leave the hospital Tuesday and go home with a foster parent who will keep him until he is well enough for adoption.

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