Elderly couple grateful to be alive after home invasion



ATLANTA - Atlanta police are searching for seven gunmen who broke into an elderly southwest Atlanta couple's home early Tuesday morning then terrorized and robbed them at gunpoint.

Investigators also want to determine if the crime is at all related to another robbery involving multiple gunmen that happened last night not far away.

Milton and Melba Seals have lived in their Lynhurst Drive home for 47 years. They were keeping their young grandson with them overnight when the crime happened.

Mrs. Seals said she was in the bathroom when she heard strange noises. When she went to investigate, she said she came eye to eye with one of the gunmen.

"Someone was standing in my door with a gun asking if I had a cellphone," said Mrs. Seals. "I said no. And I heard them, and I begged them not to hurt us, 'Please don't hurt us.' Then I heard them dragging my husband down the hall."

Mr. Seals said the men pointed a pistol and shotgun at him and demanded money or they threatened to kill him. He said he gave them $700 cash and his wife's jewelry. The robbers tried to take his flat-screen TV but broke it when they yanked it off the wall.

"I was sure they were going to kill me," said Mr. Seals. "If I didn't have that money, I don't know what would have happened. I believe they would have killed me."

APD wants to see if another robbery about 3 miles away on White Street is at all related. The owner of the Closeout Express said five gunmen jumped him Monday night, Tuesday morning and forced him inside his business. There, he said, they tied him up and pistol-whipped him before trashing the entire store and stealing an undetermined amount of cash.

The Seals, meanwhile, are shaken up from their terrifying experience but are physically okay.

"They were young," said Mrs. Seals. "What would make people rob older people? What would make people do this?"