Nephew of politician fatally shot in Clayton County



Clayton County police are looking for the person who shot and killed the nephew of state Rep. Joe Heckstall (D-East Point).

Relatives said 20-year-old Quinn Keevon Heckstall was gunned down while visiting his girlfriend at an apartment complex off Mount Zion Parkway in Jonesboro.

Police have not yet released a statement about the shooting, but Channel 2 Action News did speak with the victim's family, who is asking for prayers from the public.

"I want to also pray for the people who did this because I think they need help, both psychologically and emotionally; especially spiritually," state Rep. Heckstall said.

Channel 2's Sophia Choi saw Clayton County investigators towing a car from the scene of the shooting while others combed the area for clues. Meanwhile, family members rushed to the hospital where Heckstall eventually died.

"I'm just so sad that we have to go through this. He was an awesome, awesome young man," said a woman who identified herself an aunt of the victim.

She said the family has no idea why anyone would want to hurt him.

"Keevon was an amazing person. (He) wasn't into anything illegal or anything like that. (He)was a graduate of military school and loved to work hard," she added.

She said her nephew also helped their family and gave back to the community by serving in homeless shelters.

The family said he was just looking forward to living his life, but now they're grieving his death.

"And we want those that have committed this crime to know: You will be hunted, you will be punished and this will not go not taken care of," state Rep. Heckstall said.

Police have not yet indicated whether they have made an arrest or determined a motive in the case.